Monday, 24 November 2014

Days in Dublin

After the massage, which you can read about here, we went back to the hotel and had a little nap as we were both in a relaxed trance. Of course, I woke a little earlier to do my makeup whilst watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and enjoying a cup of tea (No wonder it takes me so long getting ready).

 Vast hotel hallways always makes me want to run down them... yeah, I'm like that.


Hotel Selfie


When we were ready we walked from our hotel through the scenic Ballsbridge to St Stephen’s Green and mingled amongst the Christmas Markets, eating Marshmallow Popcorn (yes! You read that right, marshmallow popcorn- which was beautiful may I add), mulled wine and enjoying all the crafts on display. I couldn't help but stop and look at the quirky jewellery as I love my rings.


There was such a Christmas spirit received by everyone on that Saturday in Dublin. We proceeded to walk up Grafton Street that had been captured with a web of Christmas lights.
The street was dotted with Grafton Street’s signature buskers and the crowds, surrounding them, were forgetting the bite of the cold and their worries as they stood entranced by the music that seduced them.

We then met a friend in Pull & Bros, which is a quirky little casual restaurant that is renowned for its pulled pork…it’s actually the place where my boyfriend took me on our first date where I was careful not to smack or make a fool of myself in front of the handsome guy who I was trying to impress. Forward on 7 months in the same place and I sit, unashamedly tucking into my food drowned in an excess of BBQ sauce. As one does!
After sitting longer than necessary at the restaurant, we decided that we’d finish our obscure conversations in Bewley’s CafĂ©. My parents love Bewley’s, and upon seeing it, I knew that’s where we’d go. I had Hot Chocolate with huge plump marshmallows bumping into each other on the surface whilst my boyfriend tucked into an over-sized wedge of Strawberry cheesecake whilst Conan, our friend, had a humble little muffin whilst enjoying the fact we had a beautiful foreign woman as our waitress.


After a while we departed from Conan and went browsing through the shops, one being COS which Stephen and I are a fan of. In fact, we love the chic tailoring and fresh Scandinavian edges of the clothes, particularly the coats.

We had decided we’d have a late dinner, but that was sabotaged by the idea to go see ‘Interstellar’ in the Cinema. We loved it and chatted about it right into the next day. On the Sunday we enjoyed another full breakfast consisting of fruit, pastries, cereal and good ol’ hot breakfast foods, of course this was all accompanied with copious amounts of tea.

We then parted and made our way home. We have a few exciting places booked, so keep an eye out for where we end up next.

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Shannon Boyce said...

These pictures are just beautiful! It looks like you have been having a lot of fun :)

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