About Me

I'm Caroline, an Irish mental health therapist with a penchant for living a full life despite living with my own mental health condition.

I'm the founder and director of 'Replenish: Acting on Mental Health', a mental health organisation with a non-clinical approach to educating and empowering individuals, communities, schools and workplaces.

'Replenish' and 'The Red Dutchess' are my response to the lack of mental health awareness I experienced when I was growing up and dealing with what was later diagnosed as O.C.D.

The Red Dutchess is a platform and an outlet for me to exhibit how one can live a full life whilst living with "the tenth most debilitating disorder in the world" (World Health Organisation).

So, I encourage you to stick around to see how my unrelenting hope and determination in the face of mental suffering motivates me to live my best life.

Here's to Making Waves.

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