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Monday, 24 July 2017

Lagos, Portugal : Part 3 ft. Inish Pharmacy

Being Irish and fair-skinned is a clear indication that I've had ancestors not too acquainted with the Sun. As much as I love it for the surge of Vitamin D and the great benefits to my mental health, I still am cautious of its dangers.

Tan, courtesy of Bellamianta and maintained by Palmers 

Before I left I asked Paul of 'Inish Pharmacy' for information for you and I to keep in mind during our days of being in the sun, even when it comes and pays us a visit to Ireland. Albeit, not very often. 

People often ask me why I love the sun so much if I wear SPF 50.

Well, the reality is that whilst I would tan eventually after a long time in the sun, I just don't see the point in trying to get a tan just for it to fade. I don't want to risk getting skin cancer for vanity reasons. I just wear a moisturiser with a self-tanner in it. I apply it every night whilst I'm on holiday.
Before I go on holiday I apply Bellamianta's 'Self-Tanning Gradual Moisturiser' in the run up, and then two nights before I go I put on Bellamianta's 'Rapid Mousse'.

To continue the maintenance of tan throughout the holiday I wear Palmer's  'Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Lotion'

Otherwise if I didn't, I'd just get paler as the holiday progressed!! 

So why does SPF really matter?

Pharmacist Paul of Inish Pharmacy told me 

 "When exposed to the sun, our skin needs to be protected from UV rays. The most high profile risk from sun damage to our skin, is skin cancer. With over 10,000 new cases in Ireland each year, it is the most common form of cancer in Ireland. When choosing a suncream, it's important to check that the product has enough protection for your skin type. There are two main things to look for, the strength of protection or SPF level but also whether or not the product protects against both UVB and UVA. Some products will only protect against UVB, which gives protection against harmful UVB rays that are the main causes of skin cancer, but offer no protection against UVA, which mainly causes skin ageing and winkling. La Roche Posay Anthelios Light Fluid and Bioderma Photoderm Max Cream are excellent choices in this regard with the Photoderm cream slightly more moisturising" 

If you're anything like me and the rest of the population, you really don't want premature ageing in exchange of a fading tan, right?

So fake tanning is the healthiest and safest way to be tan before, during and after your holiday.

Laughing at the sun trying to penetrate the Factor 50 on my skin

 I was also curious to ask Paul about 
Food Poisoning and Dehydration because my stomach hasn't really recovered from my younger days of Whisky and Raw Chilli's (WTF?!) and so I'm a little susceptible to getting sick.

Last Summer in Sicily I got Sun/Heat Stroke because I went for a run in the morning and then spent the day on the beach without being in the shade the entire day. I thought it was from food I had earlier because I was being uncontrollably sick when I got back to our place. I was so scared because I thought I would have to go to the hospital as I wasn't even keeping water down.
Eventually I had stopped being sick and I slept for 15hour straight whilst my boyfriend bought out half of the local pharmacy. 

From that point on I vowed I'd come more prepared if there would be a repeat occurence.

I explained to Paul that this was what happened and he was able to clarify that it was Heat/Sun Stroke.

Paul explains that Heat/ Sun Stroke is 

" a condition where the body overheats and cannot cool itself down like it normally would, leading to symptoms such as dizziness and headache, cramping, feeling sick, a fast pulse rate and heavy sweating and a dark coloured urine. This can happen if you are in a very hot climate but also if you are exercising vigorously you can suffer from heat exhaustion / heatstroke. 

What to do?

"The main thing is to move to a cool place, out of sunlight. Lie down and remove as much clothing as possible so that the skin is exposed. This will help the body cool down. Have someone apply a cold wet towel to dampen the skin and gently fan the skin, this will help your body regulate temperature again. It is very important to drink plenty of fluids."

I find that when I'm sick even at home or abroad, Dioralyte are usually what I would use or recommend to others. Even Paul recommends...

"...everyone to pack some Dioralyte before travelling. These sachets are easily packed and contain vital salts and electrolytes which your body needs to replace in times of excess fluid loss. This doesn't necessarily need to be after having diarrhoea or vomiting, even when you sweat a lot more than usual it is easy to become dehydrated in hot weather if you are not replacing the fluids by drinking plenty of water."

I understand that we don't want to be bloated on holiday, especially when our mid-riffs are seeing the light of day for the first time in 6 months. I always wanted to know how to stop that bloating and irregular 'movements' if you know what I mean, but Paul answered my question without me even having to ask it because he suggested that taking...

 "...a good quality probiotic, such Bio-Kult or Proven, can help you avoid some stomach upset while travelling. When we are on holiday we are out of our regular routine, often eating different foods and at different times of the day. All these things can contribute to upset stomach, with diarrhoea, bloating or constipation all possible. Probiotics not only help your digestive health, they are also good for your immune system and skin, so if you are worried about getting sick on holidays, this is a good idea to start a probiotic a few days in advance of travelling."

No sucking in that tummy needed, just pop a probiotic 

Thanks to Paul with his generous advice to myself and you, I was able to enjoy my holiday with a little less bloating, and a lot more confidence in keeping myself safe from sickness and sun dangers.

Stephen and I

My Godmother/Aunt and I

My boy modelling for 'Daz' washing powder advert...

Probiotic Perks

Playsuit thanks to DV8

I've always loved the combination of Orange and Blue

                     I hope you've enjoyed my holiday posts as much as I've enjoyed my holiday.

Out of them all, which was your favourite outfit I wore out of  Part 1 and Part 2?  I'm curious to see if it's the same as my favourite.

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Styling with Boudoir

Today in 'Boudoir Derry' I decided to take a few of the pieces and style them in a multitude of ways to suit any age, occasion and personality.
You will see that I show how one item, like the neon orange shirt, can be worn with many different colours and styles, thus proving how versatile these pieces, all available at 'Boudoir Derry' can be.

I hope you enjoy the outfits that I've styled and do know that there are many more pieces in the boutique!

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Monday, 23 February 2015

VIDEO: Eyebrow Tips & Techniques

After being asked how I do my eyebrows, I wanted to show you step-by-step. Hopefully these are some tips and techniques on how to do your own eyebrows.
For this I used:
- Benefit 'BrowZings'
- Primark Pencil
- Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in 'Dark Brown'
- NYX Pencil in 'Milk'

Thanks so much for watching.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

VIDEO: I'm Going To Australia!!

This week I'm going to Melbourne and I am so excited! Please share your tips for long haul travel in the comments below, and don't forget to subscribe.

Thanks so much for watching.


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My Beauty Favourites of 2014


2014 has seen my beauty and makeup collection expand due to the numerous 'Sephora' stores I've visited during my frequent European holidays that substantiated my 2014. I'm a beauty and makeup addict, and you are most likely too if you're reading this post, so without further ado, I present my Beauty favourites of yesteryear. 

I have oily skin and I have to be cautious about moisturiser in order to avoid looking like a glistening glazed doughnut. I use RoCo's 'Natural Collagen Face Cream' as it's  not too oily but protects and moisturises my skin sufficiently, and when I put it on my skin just soaks it up, and there is no residue or much rubbing in to be done.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir
This stuff is like therapy in a bottle for me. Whilst it's a Beauty Elixir for a smooth and glowing complexion, it also smells very aromatic and it's so mentally soothing and relaxing to breathe in the scent of the oil as you spray it on your face. It can be sprayed onto your face before or after you've applied your makeup, and it can be applied at anytime of the day for a soothing boost to your mind and skin. 
Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream-Lip Protectant
I can't remember a time when I didn't use 8 hour cream. I always used it at night to put onto my lips and anywhere that I felt needed moisturising. I was delighted when a 'Lip Protectant' version of the cream was introduced as it meant I could carry it around with me anywhere and save my original cream to keep at home. This little tin is perfect for me when I travel, especially if I'm in the sun because it prevents drying and burning. 
I've been through nearly every foundation on the market because I'm quite particular about what foundation I wear as I want the best coverage and lasting power. I've finally settled with a foundation that I have been using for the last three years that I would recommend 100%, and that's Revlon's 'Color stay' in the shade Sand Beige. This foundation is suitable for people oily skin and dry skin as the shades come in two different formulas for the different skin types. 

Another foundation I would use if I'm only going out for a few hours and don't really want to waste my Revlon, is Wet and Wild's 'Coverall' cream foundation in light/fair. For being such an affordable brand Wet and Wild's products are of a great standard. This foundation is so quick and easy to apply and the coverage is very good. It's always a handy one to have close by.

What can I say, I've been using Benefit's 'BrowZing' eyebrow palette for a good while now. It lets me do my eyebrows quickly with the promise of having identical brows. Before I use the palette I brush my eyebrows and underline my brows using Rimmel's 'Eyebrow' as it helps to provide a guide when using the wax and shadow from the palette.

My all time favourite liquid liner is Collection's, formally Collection 2000, 'Fast Stroke' eyeliner in 'Black'. If I had kept my empty bottles of this eyeliner I would likely have n the region of 40 bottles, craaaaaazy!

I switch my mascaras about but I often find myself going back to using a mascara with a smaller brush. For everyday purposes I use the infamous 'Great Lash' in 'Very Black' from Maybelline. If I was going for a more dramatic look I would use Benefit's 'They're Real' as it makes me look like I'm wearing fake eyelashes without the bother of applying those annoying fake lashes. 

I've mentioned this little modest palette before in my 'TRAVEL ESSENTIALS' post which you can read -Here-, and still I go to it for those reliable neutrals. It's the 'Little Black Beauty Book' in 'Warm'  by Elf Cosmetics. I love this palette, as you can see, because of the wide range of neutrals and just the right amount of colour. The palette facilitates a simple everyday makeup look and a smokey, dark dramatic look. I'll be taking this little palette with me again when I go on holidays next week.

2014 led me to find a lipstick that would turn out to be my all time favourite lipstick, ever!
I love NYX's Matte lipstick in 'Strawberry Daiquiri' not just for the colour, but for the formula, the creamy consistency and lasting power. I wear this little piece of treasure nearly every day and I can either apply it very lightly or heavily for achieving various looks. This lipstick is my Holy Grail of lipsticks, how about that!
M.A.C's 'Lady Danger' & Wet and Wild's 'Coraline'

This is my second tube of 'Lady Danger' by M.A.C as I use it for nights out or for when I take a notion to want bright red lips. An almost identical colour is the unbelievably cheap 'Coraline' by Wet and Wild. It's uncanny how similar these colours are, yet differ so drastically in price. I have recommended 'Coraline' to all the beauty addicts I know, and so now I'm telling you to try it too. You'll thank me. 

Too Faced 'Melted'
When I saw these liquid lipsticks by Too Faced I wanted one immediately. So when I was in the Sephora in Rome I was so pleased to see them on display. I decided to buy the shade 'Nude' as I don't own many nude colours of lipsticks. As I imagined I loved the lipstick and the novel fact that it was liquified. It's a beautiful colour and last longer than I had anticipated. 


I was never a lipgloss fan,but recently I've come to love applying a little light layer gloss on top of my lips for a fuller lip effect. My favourite glosses to use for doing this is the delicious Butter Gloss in 'Tiramisu' by NYX cosmetics. This is such a beautiful product to use as it's not at all sticky on the lips and it's opaque so it gives a good colour pay off. If I'm looking for a little sparkle I immediately turn to my Victoria Secret 'Sparkle Gloss' in 'Stardust'. It's not sticky and lasts really well on the lips, so a little goes a long way. The scent is delectable, so it's hard to not lick your lips.


NYX Blush in 'Mocha' is an everyday go to for a reliable and natural blush colour. I love this colour as it's not too pink and not too brown. I feel it's important to get a blush to suit skin-tone and hair colour, otherwise it looks unnatural. 

Benefit's 'Majorette' is a fun cream blush to use during the summer months as it's a pastel orange colour with a zesty scent. It applies beautifully and gives a soft natural dewy glow. 


MAC's 'Gingerly' is a blush that I would use to contour more than it would be used for blush. However, it is a nice blush to suit a neutral toned makeup look.
Face Powders
Rimmel's 'Stay Matte' is another Holy Grail product of mine as I find that it's the best setting powder on the market, and it controls shine. I don't even have to touch up my makeup even I'm wearing this powder as it lasts for so long.

Rimmel's 'Natural Bronzer' is a favourite, as you can see by the lack of product left. As a redhead with pale skin I need to make sure my bronzer looks as natural as possible and doesn't make a huge contrast on my face when its used to contour, so this bronzer is perfect for keeping within those makeup limits. 

Taking it off
Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water is amazing, it makes taking off makeup so easy. It's almost like magic. It's even O.K to use on sensitive skin. This product actually makes me look forward to taking off my makeup, which I know for most of us is a daunting prospect at the end of the day...or morning for some of you lazy ones. Garnier has banished our excuses for panda eyes. 


Smooth finish
After I have my makeup and hair done I like to apply The Body Shop's 'Coconut Beautifying Oil' on my body and hair. I love this oil as coconut is my favourite scent and I used to actually wear the coconut perfume oil from The Body Shop.  It's perfect for those summer days for moisturising your skin whilst maintaining a nice glow and healthy dewy look. 
 photo http___signaturesmylivesignaturecom_54492_189_974F00ABC982F81A218C33518F8AB091_zps409864e7.png