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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Clipper Race 2014 and LegenDerry Maritime Festival (Music City 2014)

With the sun shining and the wind, an attentive waiter, serving us whiffs of the divine foods cooking on each of the European Stalls, Derry could have easily been mistaken for bustling Barcelona or some other Mediterranean gem. However, with the Maritime Festival well under way in anticipation of the return of the Clipper, my little city, lying dormant since the Fleadh, surprised me once again and pulled off the sleepy covers, rose up its little arms and gave a stretching welcome to those coming to visit.
My Mama and I decided to take full advantage of this.

Inspired by the Maritime Festival, I decided to go a little nautical.
Of course this worked well for me as I've a lot of stripes in my wardrobe.
I sprayed on my last spritz of coconut perfume, put on my shoes and the sound of my rhythmic descending footsteps on the stairs served as my own little contribution to our music city...  


Peace Bridge

Highly esteemed local band, John Deery & the heads

Of course I made time for a little retail therapy...

I'm an old soul, so once I discovered a new antique shop called 'Memories' on Waterloo street I had to go explore.

This old Gramophone would be ideal in my imaginary home.
The man at the shop was so kind to turn it on for me, and that crackling sound that's made as the needle secures it's place, is a sound that feels infinite as it reverberates through me, making me feel that for a few seconds that I'm that person in the 1900s.  That sound has been heard by someone in the 1900s (which this gramophone was dated)  and heard today by me, in 2014.

Hip flask? Book? Gramophone? Of course I got a photo...

Tea for one?

Of course my Mama and I decided to stop for tea, and where else than 'The Cake Shop' which is a gorgeous little bakery/cafe that I did a post on a while back. Click here for that post.

Choir outside Richmond centre singing 'Bridge over troubled water'

Entrance to The Craft Village

And a few more photos of the happenings...


I also couldn't resist stopping by Marks and Spencers for dinner and I couldn't pass these beautiful juices.

I'll definitely be back up amongst the crowds, see you there!
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Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Swinging 50s

I had the utmost delight in being part of a 1950s inspired photo-shoot in October.
I’m always lusting after vintage inspired looks and fashion, so to say I was in my element would be quite the understatement. I was privileged to be asked by Northern Irish magazine, Local Women, to take part in this photo shoot with another gorgeous model, Tracey.

When I model I often ask ‘do you need to me wear fake tan’, and the answer is always ‘no, we want you pale’. It’s a relief for me because as much as I like to wear fake tan it’s always such a stinky bother. I, being redheaded and so pale that I’m almost blue, am usually paired with a contrasting skin toned model, and Tracey was just that. Her beautiful long dark hair and olive skin was definitely a stark contrast to my ghostly complexion, but isn’t that what fashion’s about? Showing how beautifully diverse our human race can be.  (I secretly love my pale complexion)

The day started in Harkin’s Hairdressing Group’ Strabane, where I met the talented Kelsey, now there’s a woman who can work magic like it’s her second nature. She did my makeup to a standard that I’ve never seen before, and believe me I’ve been on a fair few photo shoots. After she did my makeup I thought I’d be passed onto another member of staff for my hair, but no, the talent of Kelsey unfolded even more as she did my hair in such a way that left me thinking ‘wow’, and within such a short period of time as well. If you’re looking for avant-garde and high fashion makeup and hair then look no further than the threshold of Harkin’s Hairdressing in Strabane.  I left feeling like I was ready for the Oscars, during the 1950s of course, imagining myself rubbing shoulders with Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and perhaps a few flirtatious smiles over towards Marlon Brando who’d be flicking his cigar and swirling his ice around in his brandy and nodding his head towards me in mutual flirtation…


Then I woke up from my daydream.

I made my way to the Old Foyle Railway train station in Derry/Londonderry where I had the pleasure of meeting our highly esteemed photographer, Catherine MacKenzie.

There we saw our gorgeous dresses, which we would be modelling, hanging like delicate pieces of art from the most beautiful boutique, BlueBirdBoutique, also in Strabane, owned by the lovely Samantha.

I also got  a two page spread in the magazine where I wrote about ‘a few of my favourite things’ and a lovely piece about my blog.
Check out the photos by Catherine MacKenzie and her 'Website for more beautiful shots.


The Beautiful Tracey

My two spread page in 'Local Women'

I loved my make up so much that I decided that it portended the perfect opportunity to go out for dinner, and keeping in with the vintage style, I did my hair in a 1940s Hawiian theme.

Thank you for stopping by! <3
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