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Monday, 13 October 2014

When in Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do...and dress.

When I was invited to a special wedding taking place in Rome I knew immediately what I wanted to wear, and believe me, that doesn’t usually happen.
I love wearing outfits in accordance with the theme of a location or era. So when I heard ‘Rome’ I thought “I want to wear an outfit reminiscent of Ancient Rome from the 1st to the 2nd Century.”

Instead of going for the traditional white of the toga, and avoiding wearing white altogether, I decided to go for the opposite of white. I chose to wear black adorned with gold.
I wore a flowing black dress with a gold piece on the waist. Taking inspiration from the gold piece I brought more gold into my outfit by adding a torque necklace which I wore around the front of my neck. I also wore black and gold earrings and a tiny little gold clutch.

I did my hair curly and pinned it up with a gold chain clipped in at the back. I usually wear my hair down, but since it was very warm in Rome, I decided to wear it up and in an ancient Rome style. 

My favourite part of the outfit were my shoes, and I got many compliments on them. They were the perfect finishing touch to my Roman-esque outfit.I loved wearing this style, especially at such a classy wedding that would make one think that they were in the T.V series, Gossip Girl.

Thank you for reading.
Keep an eye on my blog for more upcoming posts about my trip to Rome and a few more photographs from the beautiful wedding. x

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