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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Therapie Clinic, Derry

I was invited by Therapie, thanks to the lovely Gemma, to come along and receive a complementary and new revolutionary procedure. I decided to offer it to my Aunt as I thought it would be better for me to document the process on someone else, and I also knew it would be something she’d like to try.

So we went up to Therapie and we were welcomed by the lovely Lucia who told us all about how Patricia, my aunt, would be the demonstration model for Tracey from Advanced Skincare as she demonstrated this new avant-garde anti-ageing treatment.

Patricia before the treatment
Consent form

Patricia signing the consent form

The main feature of the treatment is the brand new hi-tech (and fastest on the market) Micro-Needle from Samsung Medical. The product was launched in September.
The Micro-Needle pen comprises of hundreds of little probes that penetrate the skin at a very quick speed. It is suitable for all Skin-types and can be used for:

  •        Veins

  • ·         Strengthening capillaries

  • ·         Stretch marks

  • ·         Stimulating hair growth after chemotherapy.

  • ·         Targeting crow’s feet

  • ·         Targeting scarring and pigmentation

  • ·         Fine lines for people in their 20s

  • ·         Self-Harm scars

  • ·         It can give you the highest condition of skin

  • ·         Suitable for men and women.

        The Process:
-Cleansing the Skin
-Anaesthetic is applied
-Anaesthetic lasts 15mins
-A gentle peel is applied.
-The gentle peel helps deeper penetration of the needle.
- Serum is applied to work in conjunction with the pen- An anti-pigmentation serum was used on my aunt.
-There are 217 probes in the pen with 3 options of speed. 0.1-1.5
      -Opens millions of channels within the skin
- Promotes re-growth of collagen.
-It is superior to Botox and Fillers.

-The pen is issued with new probes for each client
-An anaesthetic is used to alleviate any pain that could be caused.

Botox is a fix, but this pen brings the skin back to its natural state.  The pen mimics injury which prompts the skin to rejuvenate. However if you do have Botox the pen actually prolongs the effect of Botox.

Lines on the chest area

Lines on the forehead

Crows Feet

Serum of choice used with the pen

New Probes for new clients

Probes fitted into the pen

Micro-Needle pen

Beginning the process

Targeting fine lines

Speed is adjusted according the the delicacy of skin area (under-eye)

Targeting Crows feet

                                                               Cleansing the face

                                   Using the pen to target areas with fine lines and wrinkles

 Products used during the process:
-The masks acts as a catalyst to the hyaluronic acid after treatment
-In the toners used - Bio-hyaluronic acid: -Anti ageing-Anti Pigmentation
-Cosmeticeutical- active ingredients in the serum that cannot be found in shops.
-Toner and cleanser along with serum are a must to soothe skin and to get the best results.
-SPF 30 is necessary as skin will be sensitive after treatment. 

Choice of masks applied after treatment

A soothing mask to cover treated areas

Products used and recommended for continued use

Sunblock to protect the skin for after the treatment

Eye Renewal Cream

Rejuvenation Toner

Since having her fourth out of the five treatments not only my aunt, but myself and other family members, have noticed how illuminated her skin is. It's like she has been airbrushed in reality. Her skin looks dewy, replenished and very healthy. We are both so impressed by the results from the first treatment, and my Aunt looks as fabulous as ever. It's a treatment worth trying!



If you'd like to try this treatment for yourself please visit:
Thanks to Lucia for inviting me along, and thank you to my gorgeous aunt for being the guinea pig. x

For any more information email me-
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