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Monday, 23 February 2015

VIDEO: Eyebrow Tips & Techniques

After being asked how I do my eyebrows, I wanted to show you step-by-step. Hopefully these are some tips and techniques on how to do your own eyebrows.
For this I used:
- Benefit 'BrowZings'
- Primark Pencil
- Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in 'Dark Brown'
- NYX Pencil in 'Milk'

Thanks so much for watching.


Monday, 19 January 2015

Australia: Week 1

I'm currently sitting out in the back garden of my brother and his girlfriend's house in Melbourne. I'm enjoying the last of the day's sun after having just returned from a Hot stone massage and facial.

I can't believe I'm on the other side of the Earth, and feeling like I'm in heaven. I flew into Melbourne on Thursday evening, which was Thursday morning back home in Ireland, so I was so quite jet lagged. Something I do remember is driving past fields and fields of kangaroos. I thought 'wow I'm really jet-lagged if I'm seeing kangaroos already, but my brother and his girlfriend were surprised also. It was so surreal. l arrived at my brother's house and met the new addition to their family, George the pug. They also have a Samoyed husky named Eskie who I had met at home in Derry before they moved to Australia.

My brother has been living in Melbourne for a couple of years and now I can appreciate why he and his girlfriend left to live here. The first evening after I had arrived we walked along the harbour and went in for a meaty dinner in a place called Breslins. After that we went to a bar called Madam Brussels which was a bar in an almost derelict building. We entered the building and took the elevator to the top floor. Never did I expect to see what I saw, only a bar in the theme of a 1920's garden party. There were floral suites of furniture, artificial grass and the waiters were dressed in tennis gear, not to mention the most fashionable and hip customers. I was in awe.








I was still very jet lagged so the next day I rested on the hammock and had an intermittent routine of reading, drinking tea and sleeping. The next day we took the dogs a walk to the park, had a nice grilled fry and then ventured into town. We walked about the city and had dinner.


On Sunday, we had high tea at the Hougton Tea Rooms, a chic tea room that always has a queue outside it. We were given a menu of unique teas and were able to window shop our choice of dessert. The sheer decadence of the cakes as they were displayed, the smell of the fragrant teas and the late 1800's ambiance was truly like that of an old film depicting high society. Quite in a sugar coma, we went up Collin's Street, more like 'designer alley' where we coveted the latest trends of the Gods of the fashion world, Chanel being my favourite, Obviously.

















Im so excited for Thursday because my boyfriend is arriving, and it feels amazing that I get to share this experience with him. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

First Day in Rome

I’ve never been to Italy, so you can imagine how ecstatic my boyfriend and I were once we booked to go to Rome for a wedding.
We arrived on the Saturday evening, and the wedding wasn’t until Monday which meant we had the Saturday evening and Sunday to soak up the antiquity of Rome. We also had Tuesday and Wednesday after the wedding to enjoy also.
On the Saturday evening I was not off the plane 30 minutes when I was perched in what could be described as the cellar of the most old style Italian restaurant. We sat with friends and enjoyed our first glass of authentic Italian red wine. I don’t drink alcohol much, but when in Rome…

I had pasta whilst my boyfriend had what is called a ‘white pizza’ because there is no tomato on the pizza. We shared some of our pasta and pizza with each other whilst sipping the earthy red wine with friends.  Before going back to our apartment we shared the most delectable dessert which we were practically forced to try, by friends who ate before us, because it was so damn good.
It was actually so damn good!!!
It was a brandy snap basket with fresh strawberries smothered in Chantilly cream and chocolate, recalling it to mind now is torturing the life out of me.

On the Saturday we had a little lie in because we were tired from travelling and enjoying our first Italian meal the night before.
We left our apartment just before 12 and enjoyed brunch with friends. The sky was wearing its best colour of azure blue and the sun pacified us with its heat and made us forget the weather in Northern Ireland. 

After a satisfying brunch just had to cross the road to get to the Colosseum.
To witness such ancient grandeur and one of the oldest buildings in the world left me speechless. There was a gentle hush amongst us as we made our way around the Colosseum and imagined what it would be like to live in the early centuries of mankind.
Leaving such a site of historical significance and ticking the bucket list we felt we deserved Gelato. So we went and got Gelato, relaxed in the Palatine, one of the most ancient places in Rome, and made our plans for where we would go to next. 


We decided to go to St Peter’s Square. The sun was setting and it was the perfect time to witness an architectural echo of such strong faith. I was awe-stricken by the pristine symmetry and opulence of not only the buildings, but of the effigies and iconography of the faith.

Being inside St. Peter's Basilica left me in complete silence due to its sheer transcendental ambience and calm that we experienced. The scale of the building was intimidating, reminiscent of the power of God, the reason for why everyone was in the building. 


Michelangelo’s ‘Pieta’, a sculpture of the body of Our Lord being held by Our Lady after his crucifixion, was what I had been looking forward to seeing, and I, upon seeing it, felt a great sense of honour to stand there and witness such divine art. 



After an emotionally invigorating day we decided to go to Trastevere, a beautiful district that embodies a bohemian sense of living with its narrow cobbled streets and tiny chic restaurants and bars. We had the most delicious dinner there. We went home relatively early as we were looking forward to the wedding the next morning. 


My Boyfriend and I

Keep a lookout for my 'Wedding Day' post. You can check out my Facebook Page to get the latest posts- The Red Dutchess' Facebook Page

Monday, 29 September 2014

Bamberg, Germany

On the Monday of my Germany trip my boyfriend took me to Bamberg.
Bamberg is a historic city that still holds much evidence of the time when it was once under the Holy Roman Empire in the 12th Century. Bamberg's preservation of the Roman influence deemed it a city worthy of being listed in UNESCO world heritage site. (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as of special cultural or physical significance)
So you can imagine my delight, as a nosey history nerd, upon arriving in this little city that was host to prior centuries of every day living.

Let me tell you about our beautiful day.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Caroline Dress


I was so honoured when Lynsey McGarrigle, owner and designer of MoHawkDesigns, told me that the dress that I had modelled was officially called 'The Caroline Dress'.
Never have I had such a piece of art named after me. When I received photographs from Gavan, the photographer from the Topher Lily Fashion Show, I couldn't resist in sharing them and couldn't believe the fact that something so beautifully created, by an equally beautiful person, could be named after me.
 photo http___signaturesmylivesignaturecom_54492_189_974F00ABC982F81A218C33518F8AB091_zps409864e7.png