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Sunday, 19 March 2017

A girls' day in McElhinney's

The prestigious McElhinney’s department store of Ballybofey in Donegal had recently invited myself, my Mother and my sister down to wander around their occasion-wear to see all that they had to offer.

Agreeing without hesitation, we ventured down to McElhinney’s, and were greeted by the lovely manager, Sarah.  Sarah was so accommodating and made sure that we were receiving the best care and attention during our visit.

Sarah explained to us that McElhinney’s womenswear may be often perceived as being for the older woman, but that this was not the case, as we soon found out.

Upon exploring the most diverse range of labels, we did not only see that there were styles to suit the woman in her 50s (and above), 30s, 20s, but also to suit every eclectic taste.
What stood out to me the most was the fact that there were endless choices of styles, colours, lengths, and prices.

Mandy of the womenswear department was very kind to help us get insight to all that was of choice, including hats and accessories. Mandy didn’t tell us what to choose, she asked us what we usually preferred and from there she worked around us, adhering to our own individual styles and preferences. She also encouraged us to step outside our comfort zone.

Hat by Jennifer Wrynne

Hat by Jennifer Wrynne 

After trying on the most luxurious dresses, we were then given afternoon tea.
After we had succumbed to the beautiful scones with jam and cream, alongside the most fresh tray-bakes, we fixed ourselves up to try on more clothes.

This time we looked at the casual range, and I literally couldn’t believe they had the GIGI for Tommy Hilfiger in-store. Whilst it’s not my usual style, I nonetheless enjoyed trying it on for size.


The Gigi for Tommy Hilfiger range

Snapchatting (@red_dutchess)

As you've seen, McElhinney's can make you the Mother of the Bride on one day, and every bit the modern, chic woman the next day.
I want to thank ALL the staff at McElhinney's, Sarah, Mandy and a special thanks to Carina. It was a great day for myself, my mum and sister and it really was not only about the clothes, but the entire experience also. It's no wonder McElhinney's has such an award-winning reputation.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Glenveagh National Park, Ireland

There's nothing I love more than just perusing amongst the offerings from nature. I have visited many places in Europe and whilst Paris is my favourite place, Glenveagh in Dongeal is a very close second. I've been to Glenveagh numerous times and done a blog post a while back on Glenveagh which you can find here. Last Sunday my parents and I decided to go to Glenveagh to utilised the clear skies before the predictable rain came. As a lover of my solitude and an introvert, my time to myself is essential and Glenveagh gives me the space to gain that. Glenveagh, Click here here for website, is perfect for a lazy walk, an educational nature trail, wildlife study, cycle tracks and everything to serve the photographer's camera. Oh!! not to forget their beautiful tea rooms with delicious cakes that makes even the most savoury palates drool for their sweet delight. Have a look through some of the photos which feature the beautiful gardens and imported exotic trees that make Glenveagh an ethereal and magical place.
                                                     Mount Muckish

        This weird thing reflected back your hand

                                       My Parents (not wise)
                                              Beautiful Tuscan Gardens

                                                           Apple Tree

         I often think of this gorgeous house

                                  My favourite colour, soft pink


This reminded me of something from 'The Lord of the Rings'

   Men playing music in the sun house added beautiful ambience
       Items found in the Garden

  The bark of a tree that looks like my hair (lol)

   My daddy making sure his watch is right lol

Yes, mine was the chocolate and fudge cake

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