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Monday, 12 November 2012

Cherry Blossom toes

The winter for me is so melancholic and I hate the thought of dark nights. I get severe doses of pathetic fallacy with the abysmal weather. So today, having satisified myself with the amount of uni work done, I decided to do what the Italians do ' il dolce far niente'- which means 'the sweetness of doing nothing'. For me this doesn't mean literally doing nothing, for me it means to do something I enjoy, something I may have not had the time to do, something that doesn't have to serve purpose because I usually live my life with a utilitarian approach and work for a purpose; usually studying and helping those with mental health issues. 

So I painted my toenails. This is something I don't do regularly, I don't get much time to paint my toenails. Whatsmore, I thought since I was feeling oppressed by the weather I should paint my nails to represent my favourite time of the year when my favourite flower blooms, the cherry blossoms in March.

I am by  no means an artist or beautitican, but doing my nails like this has definitely brightened my mood! 

I apologise in advance if you're disgusted by feet.  lol

 This is my little modest box of nail polishes. I do have a little pink 'Rose' scented candle in the box because I love the beautiful smell when I open the box. (Weird thing I do with boxes of stuff)

I have lovely nail wraps that I bought recently, so keep a wee eye out for a post on them. x

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