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Friday, 21 July 2017

Lagos, Alvor, Portugal:Part 2

After we visited Villamour, the following day we drove to a bustling little fishing village called Alvor. Being a vegetarian meant there wasn't much choice on the menu for me considering Ariel's friends were being fried, grilled and flambĂ©ed left right and centre. 

I enjoyed my fishless meal considerably, nonetheless.

I've been LOVING, and I mean LOVING 'Delta' coffee here. I'm hoping they have it back home in Ireland.
What I call my 'Tina Turner' dress is from Primark and my shoes are from Zara

Oh I wasn't aware a photo was being taken... 

On Wednesday my boyfriend got here. I picked him up from the Airport and then brought him back to the apartment where my Mama and Aunt had made dinner. Red Wine, Olives, Breads, Etc. You get the idea. It was delicious.

On Thursday evening I decided to wear a lovely 1930s-esque dress from iClothing based in Ireland.
I love pieces that give a vintage echo, and this long wrap dress inspired me to take the vintage theme a little further by putting my hair up and wearing little droplet earrings. I felt I was seeing my boyfriend off to WWII. I have an imagination, I know.

Shop the dress here 

Off to the beach, as usual

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Keep an eye out for my upcoming blog post on how I prepare for holiday ft. Inish Pharmacy.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Lagos, Portugal : Part 1

Lagos is a rustic town in Portugal's Algarve. Its coast is chopped up with the strength of the Atlantic ocean, renowning it for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

I've been here for four full days and I've just (about to use a cliched word) wanderlusted about. The first day I lay by the pool and read. I'm reading J.D Salinger's 'The Catcher in the Rye'. I don't even don't what to make of it, even though I'm half way through it. I'm enjoying it nonetheless.

Medieval Gate

I see a dog...
...approaching dog...

Dog was non-responsive to me...Burned!

The next day we rented a car. I've been the designated driver. I must say, it was quite the novelty driving on the RIGHT side of the road on the left side of the car on the motorway. I've picked it up quite easily...

We drove to a place called Villamour, about an hour away.

Sunday arrived.

And with it came the moral obligation to go to mass. Yes, MASS!

In 27 degree heat my Mother and aunt had me in a beautifully ornate chapel may I add, for 1 hour and 10 mins listening to a Portugese version of mass.

I was silently quoting Father Ted quotes to keep myself amused...

..."Sure didn't the Lord himself go on holiday for two weeks to get away from his Father..." I murmured to myself.

In a bid to divert their attention from actually going into mass: "Mammy g'on take a photo of me"

 Thankfully, an hour later I was on the beach...

My beach bag contents

 Keep an eye out for a few more posts...

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Boudoir Derry, a stylish choice.

You may have noticed that I've been uploading photos of me wearing different dresses and tagging 'Boudoir Derry'. This is because I'm currently helping out in the shop and I must say that I thoroughly enjoy seeing women come into the shop and delicately caress the materials imagining, and wondering, what it would be like on themselves. At that point I swoop over and begin a conversation about what it is they're looking for, what's the occasion and most importantly, what do they feel most comfortable in.I find that choosing a dress is making a statement about who you are, what you stand for  and conveying a message. I believe this is such an amazing way to declare your identity without saying a single word.

A particular brand that gives you creativity to work with, through their dresses, is 'Glamorous'. www.glamorous.comThis is a brand that is exclusive to 'Boudoir Derry' and one that will let you say everything you want through your choice of colour, style and material.

Below shows a few dresses from this brand ONLY available in 'Boudoir Derry' and I'm showing you how you can take a dress from this collection and make it your OWN by how you wear your hair, choose the accessories and poise. There are many more styles and variations in the shop.

Prom Princess

This beautiful dress comes in a baby blue also. Imagine this with a little netted head piece and lace gloves? It'd be the perfect 1950s style bridesmaid's dress. Have two bridesmaids, one in each colour!

Here's the gorgeous Naomi wearing the blue.

Chic boho

This boho style dress will be perfect for me for my holidays in a few weeks. Would you believe that's a necklace on my head, but I felt it was so fitting for the tribal style of the dress.
See, there are the creative juices flowing.

Do you fancy having a browse through the luxurious dresses in 'Boudoir Derry'? Then I encourage you to come up, get relaxed and let us help you pick an item that represents YOU!

If you want any ideas, hints or tips just message me at or mail mine or Boudoir's Facebook page  page. It'd be an honour and a pleasure to help you pick out your style of outfit.

Friday, 17 October 2014

A Wedding in Rome

I sit here writing this post whilst listening to the rain pelting off the windows, it feels like bullets wounding my daydream and bringing me back to reality. There is a soft rosy hue from the lamp beside me, it reminds me of its company with a subtle flicker now and then. It’s my only form of light now since darkness is winning the battle with the light of day.

I’m listening to ‘Benedictus’ by the 2Cellos with my earphones in whilst Peter Barlow is pleasantly silenced, sparing me from his insufferable acting, and letting me imagine that there’s a completely different plot…and I suddenly I think ‘What if I were a screen writer?’. – No chance Caroline, you’d not be able to turn Coronation Street into a Sherlock Holmes meets The Lord of the Rings musical with the fashion of the Upper East Side.
I give the thought up immediately.

It continues to rain, and I find myself in a daydream again. This time I find myself staring at a Weeto on the floor that I seemed to have dropped when I decided to have a bowl of Weetos an hour ago.
I stare at the Weeto and find it’s crusty circular circumference reminding me of the Colosseum, and I find myself lamenting my brilliant time at the wedding in Rome I was at recently with spectacular people who I’d love to be sharing wine with this very evening.
So, my blog post is dedicated to the amazing friends and my gentleman of a boyfriend for making my time in Rome one that will be remembered with all the eternity of the city of Rome itself.

Thank you for reading.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

First Day in Rome

I’ve never been to Italy, so you can imagine how ecstatic my boyfriend and I were once we booked to go to Rome for a wedding.
We arrived on the Saturday evening, and the wedding wasn’t until Monday which meant we had the Saturday evening and Sunday to soak up the antiquity of Rome. We also had Tuesday and Wednesday after the wedding to enjoy also.
On the Saturday evening I was not off the plane 30 minutes when I was perched in what could be described as the cellar of the most old style Italian restaurant. We sat with friends and enjoyed our first glass of authentic Italian red wine. I don’t drink alcohol much, but when in Rome…

I had pasta whilst my boyfriend had what is called a ‘white pizza’ because there is no tomato on the pizza. We shared some of our pasta and pizza with each other whilst sipping the earthy red wine with friends.  Before going back to our apartment we shared the most delectable dessert which we were practically forced to try, by friends who ate before us, because it was so damn good.
It was actually so damn good!!!
It was a brandy snap basket with fresh strawberries smothered in Chantilly cream and chocolate, recalling it to mind now is torturing the life out of me.

On the Saturday we had a little lie in because we were tired from travelling and enjoying our first Italian meal the night before.
We left our apartment just before 12 and enjoyed brunch with friends. The sky was wearing its best colour of azure blue and the sun pacified us with its heat and made us forget the weather in Northern Ireland. 

After a satisfying brunch just had to cross the road to get to the Colosseum.
To witness such ancient grandeur and one of the oldest buildings in the world left me speechless. There was a gentle hush amongst us as we made our way around the Colosseum and imagined what it would be like to live in the early centuries of mankind.
Leaving such a site of historical significance and ticking the bucket list we felt we deserved Gelato. So we went and got Gelato, relaxed in the Palatine, one of the most ancient places in Rome, and made our plans for where we would go to next. 


We decided to go to St Peter’s Square. The sun was setting and it was the perfect time to witness an architectural echo of such strong faith. I was awe-stricken by the pristine symmetry and opulence of not only the buildings, but of the effigies and iconography of the faith.

Being inside St. Peter's Basilica left me in complete silence due to its sheer transcendental ambience and calm that we experienced. The scale of the building was intimidating, reminiscent of the power of God, the reason for why everyone was in the building. 


Michelangelo’s ‘Pieta’, a sculpture of the body of Our Lord being held by Our Lady after his crucifixion, was what I had been looking forward to seeing, and I, upon seeing it, felt a great sense of honour to stand there and witness such divine art. 



After an emotionally invigorating day we decided to go to Trastevere, a beautiful district that embodies a bohemian sense of living with its narrow cobbled streets and tiny chic restaurants and bars. We had the most delicious dinner there. We went home relatively early as we were looking forward to the wedding the next morning. 


My Boyfriend and I

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